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Posted: Tue Mar 04, 2014 6:36 am
by duskylim
Hello, I'm Dusky Lim from the Philippines.

I'm an auto-enthusiast who likes to putter around doing modifications and stuff.

I have a 1998 Mazda B2500 WL-31 2.5L diesel 4x2 pickup.

I previously installed a Devil's Own Water-Methanol injection unit, with a progressive controller, allowing for variable delivery via a computer-controller and a MAF from a Ford F-150.

I have recently added a turbo-charger and intercooler to it .

That changed its whole performance and made it a blast to drive.

I am now working on an LPG injection system.

I got the idea from this article in AutoSpeed :

I am using a MegaSquirt 2 ver 3.0 as the ECU.

Sensors are a TPS, RPM-sensor, IAT and CLT, MAF and MAP, with sanity checking via an EGT sensor.

I intend to use 2 LPG/CNG injectors firing alternately - controlled by the MegaSquirt.

I already have an 60 liter LPG tank installed in the bed, with a multi-valve and filler system (Gas Italy) installed.

I recently purchased a used LPG vaporizer/regulator 2nd hand from a local dealer.

It says Nissan-Nikki on the cover but there are no identifying badges to speak of - I cleaned it and checked all around.

I am posting pictures of it on the site in the hope someone can help me identify it or at least help me with the plumbing.









I Thank you for all the help in advance,


Dusky Lim