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Technocarb EFS600

Posted: Wed Jan 21, 2015 9:27 pm
by karlmrc
Hi all
I have an RV with a ford Triton v10 6.8l with the technocarb system.
It dose not want to run on lpg, there is two relays changed both of them just in case.
I run it on petrol ok flick the switch on and it cuts the fuel off but will not run on gas, if I pull the fuse out from the batt it willnot start on patrol.
the green switch lights up green ok, I have found a wiring diagram to try and help.
I had filled up with gas went out over weekend ok, parked on the drive went to go out a week later started up ok on petrol when to change over but just cuts out.
went to put more gas in only got 33l in full, but still would not start up.
I have tried to find someone that can Help.