Hi All !

Introduce yourself, your car, your LPG installation and/or other modifications. Post some pics and show off! Installers: post details and pics of any unusual and high-powered conversions!
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Hi All !

Post by dyer864 » Sun Jul 15, 2012 8:55 pm

Hi All !
Just to say a Big Hello to everyone ;)

I have had a 2003 vauxhall frontera olympus 2.2 16v duel fuel for nearly 6 months now, nice looking jeep etc. but since i had it, it has been running rough on petrol and gas. had full service on petrol, with fuel filter being changed as it was very hesitant whilst driving , seemed to cure the problem. driving it lately it seems to be missing especially when going up hill and driving very sluggishly (on petrol) i havn't used the gas lately has it was playing up a while ago, so today i tried it again put £25 pound in , it gets to £18 and then i'm there an eternity holding the button in , watching it creep up penny by penny , so that's why i given up on it ! and then whilst i was on gas for around 10 mins the green lights would go out and the red lights would start flashing and beeping , so i knocked it off and changed back to petrol.
It's getting very frustrating to drive now, both on petrol and gas ! :) :cry:
Don't know if there's a fuel pump problem, leaks etc. etc.
The eml light has been extinguished from the dash by the previous owner as soon as it switched to gas it would throw the eml light on, so they disconnected, i've had a diagnostic to see if anything would come up relevant, only for an oxygen sensor to show up !

Anybody had the same problem and could help, or anybody with any ideas please be very grateful !

Cheers Dyer's ;)

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