Frontera 2.2 16v lpg

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Frontera 2.2 16v lpg

Post by dyer864 » Sun Jul 15, 2012 9:28 pm

Hi All !
Just a big hello to everyone as i'm new to the forum ! ;)

I have a 2003 duel fuel vauxhall frontera olympus 2.2 16v , i have had it for around 9 mnth's now , nice looking jeep with all the extra's etc. had a service on it when i bought it as it was running a bit rough, found out it was a fuel filter blocked.

Drove it on gas a few times but i have had problems with it knocking off after a few miles, so left it ! :cry:

Since running the car on petrol, it has been getting worse to drive, really sluggish pulling off and up hill very poor and seems to be missing a bit, put a fuel cleaner in to see if it would shift any blockage but no change(wot a suprise :o )

So today i tried the lpg again to see if anything as changed !

Whilst filling her up, i'm getting to around £18 to £20 and then suddenly the lpg pump hit's a melt down, from going fast, it then creeps penny by penny , i'm holding the button in for an eternity for just to get to the next £1.00. so i've got £25 in after wot seems a lifetime, pulls off on gas waits a few seconds and click it cuts in and away to go !
i travel 10 miles and then the same old problem , the green lights go out and all red lights start flashing and beeping, so i knock it off and transfer back to petrol :cry:

So really don't know if i've a problem with the overall running of the car which it seems like, fuel pump etc. or when on gas i've got a leak or something.

when i bought the car, the previous owner said she extinguished the eml light on the dash , because when it switched to gas it would light up (which i read up on and thought no worries) so i've had a diagnostic check only for a oxygen sensor fault code to come up !

Has anyone had the same issues , and found out what the problem was ? would be very grateful for any info ;)

Cheers Dyers

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