Audi A4 B5 2.4 v6 Supercharged

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Audi A4 B5 2.4 v6 Supercharged

Post by mckay9 » Sun Sep 23, 2012 3:22 pm

Hi All,

I have a 1998 Audi A4 v6 2.4 that has a BRC Sequent fly system fitted i've owned the car for 7 years i had the BRC kit installed a month after purchase with a view to keeping the car. After much consideration i decided to use Autotech at Ripley in Derbyshire because my preferrred installer Heanor LPG couldnt fit me in for a couple of months. I spoke to Kevin at Autotech and advised that i would be modyfying the car in the future and that i required a system that was future proof and would accpt any future modifications the price quoted was a whisker under £2000 i was assured that this was the best kit available for the price the car was booked in and the work was completed which took about 4-5 days. Over the next few years i did over 25k in the car which ran fairly well even though it felt underpowered i was told that this was normal. The first problem arose within the first year there was a gas leak i took the car back Kevin @ Autotech who refused to replace the injector within warranty stating that some work had been done to stop an oil leak from the rocker covers which had damaged the injector !this was not true a heated discussion arose which led to me driving off and i immediately rang Heanor Autogas who offered to replace the injector FOC ! this was completed within the hour and i swore that i would use them instaed of Autotech in the future this hurt as i had paid £2000 for this kit and Kevin had already welched on the guarantee. I used the car for another year and had the next service done by Heanor later that year i was diagnosed with a serious illness which led to me having to give up my licence for medical reasons. Over the next few years the car was sat in the garage i dreamt of being able to drive again. I found out about a supercharger kit caled a PES G2 that had been specifically designed for the 30v v6 Audi engine i managed to get hold of this kit off a forum called SC Audi from a guy in Canada for less than half the retail price ! fitting the kit was my therapy as the 5 operations for a brain tumour had taken it's toll on my memory and thought procceses . I took several weeks to fit it and the car started 1st time i was so happy this boosted my confidence to know that i could still do it as i had work in a garage from leaving school to the age of 25. i had my licence back 2 years later after many more mods to the brakes , suspension and interior the 1 st thing i wanted to do was to get the lpg running right again as the original ECU had been swapped for a modified one which messed the config of the LPG ECU. Following my new Outlook on life and recovery from serios illness i thought i would take the car back to Auto tech as they were advertising themselves as tuning specialists and as they also had a rolling road i tought they would be able to get the new superchrged set up running well. I booked the car in and left it with kevin all morningi arrived back just after lunch paid £130 for a service on the way home i could smell gas i stopped just short of getting home which was about 10 miles away as the smell was getting worse i popped the bonnet to find out all the LPG pipes were loose !i rang kevin who denied this and rudely refused to give me my money back for the service he even slagged my car off which was not very proffessional at all ! if you could call it that !I have since discovered that my initial request when i paid that the system would be able to handle future mods had also been ignored as the reducer was for a car of 1500cc and the feed pipe is 6mm when it should be 8mm !I am now in the proccess of gettin the car remapped for gas fitting a new reducer and getting an 8mm feed pipe fitted. I contacted that useless being Mike Chapman who did naff all to help neither di the trading standards dept. I hear mixed views about Autotech i wish i had waited and gone to Heanor LPG lesson learned !

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Re: Audi A4 B5 2.4 v6 Supercharged

Post by thegentleman » Tue Dec 10, 2013 1:20 pm


I have read your post carefully. It seems in this country it is normal to rip people off for the installations which are 5 years behind the latest technology.
I have been using LPG on my Saabs for the last 8 years and since I had own my car with a turbocharger I have been constantly increasing it`s power.
That always put stress on the LPG kit though. I have started with basic vapourizer, and Valtec injectors (ok for a small 4 cylinder engine but for 2.3 turbo it is not enough).
After few years on Valtec I have finally swapped the turbocharger for a Full pressure turbo called Mitsu TD04 HL15T which is basically the standard Saab Aero turbocharger.
I have quickly figure out that I have to find better injectors. The power was around 220bhp and that was from 4 cylinders so 4 injectors! I got a Magic jet injectors rail and that was a good choice.
It did perform well and was god on fuel too but I could still tell the difference driving on petrol and LPG.
Finally after 7 years I got myself a 2006 new shape Saab 9-5 Aero 260bhp. The car is great. torque and pull is massive, a pleasure to drive on motorways or any straight lane (pulls like a TGV train).
Unfortunately on LPG the pleasure was gone. Check engine always on, mixture too lean, turbo gauge on 2/3 maximum, when on petrol it went nearly half of the red zone!
So I was only driving fast on petrol always switching before any fun fast acceleration.
I have asked many people for their opinion. I went to forums in Sweden (Saab AB forum), Poland (LPG paradise, English section on every Polish forums and it seems they all know English well ;-D,besides that they have more LPG cars than any other country in Europe, and converting absolutely everything) Germany and UK of course (UK is a nightmare though, I am still not able to register on our LPG forum UK since it will not recognize any of my emails, and there is no way to contact the forum administrators so to be fair that sucks!) to find how could I get my Turbo Saab to drive on LPG.
Finally, I have got my answers. Because of the Saab build and power, only from 4 cylinders, I needed High flow injectors, and a computer to get the exact mixture and pressure delivered in perfect timing.
I always believed in Stag computers. Finally I decided to try something new (a bit tricky since the engineer who developed Stag is actually the creator and designer of the comp. I have now).
I got myself LPGTECH (or Lpg-tech) comp. I bought one called 224 (4 stands for the amount of cylinders) and the best injectors on the market available (according to figures, but had to try it first to believe it). The injectors are called Dragon BF (big flow) and it says on the box that they can deliver 250l/min (nearly double the figure of my old injectors). I was a bit reserved since 250 sounds a bit exaggerated ;) but I thought that I have to try.
I went to Leicester ( I live in Corby, and I found a shop online called LPG shop, which had both the comp. and the injectors) and came to the shop. Told them what I want and we went outside to discuss will it fit and what nozzles I need to get the 260bhp on LPG. I had to go to work so we arrange to meet on Saturday.
I came back on Saturday and we got the old injectors out. We also bore out the nozzles of my new injectors to 3.0mm size. I have checked my old Magic Jet injectors and the nozzles where actually also 3.0mm.
I thought, there will be no difference and lost my faith. Than Jack (the name of the guy from the LPG shop, he was ever so helpful, great guy) got a different LPG Tech comp called 304 (224 had different socket, but this one was exactly the same as mine Stag so plug and play!) connected the new computer and we started the car. We started the automatic calibration and I could not believe but the car was running on LPG!
10 minutes inc.changing the injectors. So we decided to go onto the motorway and get the mapping on lpg. I could not believe, when I was watching Jack on the left, how easy it was to tune my car on LPG.
Everything was simple, very precise and the most important the car was flying on LPG as on petrol!!! Yes! That was exactly what I have been waiting for so long. Moreover, on idling car was revving as on petrol when before it was slightly higher ( I thought on LPG it was normal).
Another thing car was always cranking for 2 or 3 seconds before since the LPG was messing about my Saab Trionic computer, but since I got that new computer it starts straight away, and the check engine fault disappeared for good! On the way back from Leicester, A6 dual carriage way i got overtaken by a brand new Golf Gti (quick hatchback) and I just decided to try my new LPG set up and pressed the foot down to the floor. I could not believe. The same as on 98 RON fuel! Turbo went right into the middle of the red zone and after 5 or 6 seconds I have just waved with a big smile to the Gti driver thinking I am actually spending half of the money and flying by him :D
Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that LPG has developed a lot since I had my fisrt LPG car and yes, we can get a very powerful car on LPG running well but we need to get the correct parts for it.
Unfortunately in this country anything new is always BAD (no reason why, it is bad because it is new hi hi, what a stupid idea!) and many installers are loading the worst ancient Italian staff to cars for 30 or 40 grands.
And than I read about people blaming the LPG and stinky gas! What a lot of rubbish.
My Saab flies on gas, and I`m going to put that new installation to the test. My Saab technician will get my Stage 1 software back and we will increase the power and the torque of my Saab to 275bhp and 400-420Nm.
Than I will really test the new LPG computer and what`s more important the new injectors. I don`t think that someone tried before to get LPG to work in a 300bhp without petrol support.
Anyway, I hope your audi will work well as well.
Kind regards.

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