High MPG and low tank fill

Record a log of your vehicle's MPG when running on Autogas/LPG
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High MPG and low tank fill

Postby Sveriges80 » Tue May 29, 2018 6:48 pm

Hi All,

I have just joined this forum today, it is great to see so many members in this forum. I come in peace and to seek your esteemed advice.

I have a Volvo S80 - Bi-Fuel 2003 model. I had this car off the road and at times I would drive only on petrol as the LPG system was smelling of gas at times. So I stopped using the LPG.

I later replaced the whole the front end LPG kit with Ecotech which runs smoothly except when I fill gas, I can only get about 15 - 20 litres of gas when I should get at least 45 litres plus and the consumption in the LPG is very high at nearly 11-12 MPG. This is too high when compared to when I am using petrol.

So I ask if anyone has had this problem and how did they resolve the LPG Tank and consumption and does anyone know the actual dimensions/size of the LPG Tanks stored underneath and if one knows the name of the supplier that supplied the original tanks to Volvo when these cars came out.

I just realised that I have asked so many questions..Sorry and most obliged to all the real guys of this Forum. Stay well. Kindest regards.

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