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help please, can't find the power valve

Posted: Tue Oct 21, 2008 1:51 pm
by highbrock
Hello everyone, hope someone out there can help me.
Ive got a grand cherokee with an early Voltran system.
recently changed the airfilter and cleaned out the carb and ever since the jeep has stalled when slowing down for lights etc.......annoying and dangerous.
When in petrol the car is fine.
The tick over in gas also seems a little lumpy but sits at about 600rpm ok,if you help it along at first with a little accelerator. If you rev the engine in neutral it is fine and drops back to idle without stalling.
it drives fine, but stalls when braking.
Ive got the manual for the vaporiser and it says after change of air filter it may need adjusting by turning power valve at 3000rpm until change in engine noise and then back a turn.
However on inspection there is no adjustment screw between the carb and vaporiser, only a fitting to the carb with a nut attaching it to the housing.
Between the vaporiser and mixer is a plastic housing with wires attached, where you would expect the power valve to be. The wires lead of to a bundle and I can't tell where they end up.
I am therefore stumped and hope someone can offer me some words of wisdom please.

Re: help please, can't find the power valve

Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2008 4:19 pm
by highbrock
struggling to do this
please CLICK here for photo


Re: help please, can't find the power valve

Posted: Wed Oct 29, 2008 11:07 pm
by SebastianS
Instead of manually setted up power valve, You have a simple automatic correction, which is usable in injected engines equipped with lambda sensor circuit. In Your car (if it hasn't lambda sensor in exhaust) electrical power valve is complete nonsence due to lack of any signal, for steering it!!! :shock:
Go to first LPG service nearby Your home, buy simple manual valve (it's a kind of huge screw in short metal or plastic tube to plug it in LPG hose between reducer and mixer). Cut Your LPG hose between reducer and mixer in any place, or even better replace electrical power valve with manual one. Arrange tuning up as manual tells. This way You'll get properly setted up running mode. But additionally You have to set up Your idle. It's setted by another screw, somewhere in reducer's body. Find it and try to gain as high idle rpm, as possible. It means You are about most effective AFR ratio (Air-to-fuel).

If these steps will not take effect and idle will still be unstable, Your reducer may need cleaning and changing diaphragms inside it. If it is too complicated for You, You can think about new one.