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LPG Systems and Installers- Members voting system

Post by hawkyork » Sun Nov 02, 2008 12:40 am

Would it be possible for some bright spark (!) to create a list on site with LPG systems and possibly installers, that members can give 'scores' to for efficiency/practicality/ etc. It is very noticeable that different people have slightly differing experiences with the available systems but broadly give thumbs up to some, and less good reports on others. So far as systems go it would answer a whole heap of the questions that tend to arrive: 'which is the best LPG system?' being the commonest! Similar sites are available for folks to vote on the best digital camera etc etc....

Installers: knowing how litiguous people are it might be best to only allow positive recommendations -if however as many installers as possible are added to the list, and certain ones get no votes...one could make one's own mind up!! Steer clear of the critical comments and the downside of such a system should be avoided-there are other parts of the forum that could allow such interactive 'discussions'.

Just a thought...

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