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new kit

Post by crazy~johno » Wed Nov 19, 2008 2:40 pm


I have acquired a LPG kit from a friend it was fitted to a C20NE engine and im trying to fit it to a frontera, the majority of the kit looks in pretty good nick apart from the vapourisor unit, and i need to get a filler.

Im not sure what the kit is and there are no fitting instructions, the major part of fitting is pretty straight forward most of it is plug it in an go, The major problem is finding out what it is so that i can find a manual or some help on how to fit the bits that arent very clear, some of the cables have been labelled.

There are 3 plastic boxes on the system one is the emulator, one called the controller and a third that has "no problem 01 long time" which has a LED on it, the other two boxes have "bedini srl" written on them from looking on the net i think thats who manufactured the kit. I have got some pictures of it but need to get them off my camera if thats would help at all?


Crazy~Johno :lol:

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