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Easy Fast Lovato

Post by mdony » Sat Jul 13, 2013 10:33 pm

Hello All,
I just have my car installed conversion kit : Easy Fast Lovato system on my Toyota 2007 Camry w/ 2az-fe engine ,
I have twice re-fuelled the Tank and based on those re-fuels I conclude it consume 20% more fuel with LPG than it does on petrol.
So I ve been searching some resources and find out that adjustment maybe needed for car running on gas to help avoiding any performance loss.
1. Air to fuel ratio : 15,x:1 compared w/ 14,6:1 w/ petrol
2. And Ignition timing
Due to higher octane number of the LPG compared w/ petrol.
My question is :
- do I really need to correct those parameters to the original car's ECU ?
- Or I do not need to at all because the Easy Fast Lovato will automatically adjust or translate the situations based on the setting or signals it read from the car's ECU ?

Could somebody please help me ...

Best regards

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