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Will Hana h2002 replace keihin injectors on my prins vsi

Posted: Tue Jul 15, 2014 12:13 am
by Nolan.J
Hello, new to the forum and thought I would make my first post. Have a astra bertone 1.8 fitted with a prins vsi system, bought the car cheap and wasn't to fused that the Lpg side ran lumpy and cut out, I have replaced all the filters with no luck but luckily I have a MGZT with the same kit, swapped over a few things and turns out for some reason the injectors are naff. Soaked them in carb cleaner and made it worse so looking for a replacement set but not looking to spend £250 for four keihin injectors. Found a man on eBay claiming Hana gold h2002 with red nossel injectors are a direct replacement but what I have read if you have a prins vsi system the only injectors suitable are keihin ones due to the low ohm around 1.25 I believe they run and Hana ones run at 1.9 ohms. Any help on his topic would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.