Failed electronic Flashlube - help please!

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Failed electronic Flashlube - help please!

Post by Qwertyco » Mon Aug 08, 2016 2:08 pm

1999 Subaru Legacy Turbo on LPG with electronic Flashlube:

Suddenly the Flashlube fluid is being sucked into the inlet manifold at a vast rate!
It will empty the full Flashlube reservoir in about five minutes at tickover, along with billowing clouds of white smoke from the exhaust.

At first I thought this was the turbo oil seals blown, so I changed the turbo, and all seemed well on a test run, until I
noticed the flashlube was empty, so I topped it up and the smoke instantly reappeared.
I watched in horror as the reservoir emptied itself before my eyes!

Is this repairable, or do I need a new Flashlube assembly?



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