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LPG System:OMVL Dream 21 G HP
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Hello from Newbie!

Post by Nitrosxt » Wed Apr 12, 2017 9:20 pm

Hi to everyone here on this forum.

I have a Dodge Nitro 3.7 V6 which I had converted to LPG about 5 years ago, since this time I have driven 108,000 miles with very little trouble apart from usual filters, service kits for injectors and a new pressure reducer solenoid valve. The system installed was an OMVL dream 21 G HP.

For the past year I have had a recurring DTC code of P0172 coming up on the DTC reader after the MIL light comes on. I have tried many attempts to sort this issue but have never really got to the heart of the matter until now. After running the truck purely on Petrol for the past week and watching the fuel trim live data on a scan tool, everything appears fine and no codes have pinged up. However, on now switching back to running on LPG the code has returned but only when running on LPG.

This suggest to me the pressure reducer diaphragm with the attached vacuum hose may be shot allowing gas to seep past the diaphragm and get sucked into the intake manifold leading to this P0172 (running rich on Bank 1) code to be thrown up. My question is before I strip the reducer down and do a rebuild am I on the right track?

This is guess is the beauty of having a duel fuel system it helps to isolate DTC's.

I'd appreciate any advice you guys could give.


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