another cry for help Romano 'N'

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LPG System:Romano N
another cry for help Romano 'N'

Post by shaynej » Tue May 30, 2017 11:01 pm

the story i have bought a complete (i think) used romano N kit that was previously fitted to a bmw325i.

with a view to installing it to my bmw X5 which i have done now both cars share the same ecu loom and engine with some minor
differences and 500cc.

well all went well (i have installed several single point systems to landrovers so i know my way round the basics) but
the system refuses to work in that.

it will fire up on petrol as it should showing a full tank of lpg and steady petrol led and a flashing lpg led.
then in sequence the tank valve opens followed a few seconds later by the reducer valve and the engine note hardly alters all good.
rev it up (or leave it to idle) again all good but after around 15-20 seconds it drops out back to petrol
the tank level leds go out the gas led flashes and the petrol led come back on and
i get a non stop beep beep from the controller until i shut down the engine rinse and repeat.

now i knew i would have to get an interface lead and do some fine tuning but this is silly.
what i need is some good advise and i could really do with a wiring diagram for the control ecu as much googling brings much useless information
about every system in but this one!

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