Jeep cherokee advice for fitting new LPG kit please

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Jeep cherokee advice for fitting new LPG kit please

Post by Peter99 » Thu Oct 15, 2009 9:48 am

Hi everyone, a newby here.

I have a Jeep Cherokee (not grand cherokee) 4.0ltr petrol 2001 plate. Although it's not new it's in great condition. I plan to keep it for another 2 to 3 years or so and I want to do an LPG conversion myself. I'm based in Leeds, Yorkshire.

You may wonder why on an older vehicle, well the recession has hit my business so I can't afford to change it just now, I know it hasn't any major faults unlike if I buy a cheap already converted 4x4, It suits my needs and owes me nothing. I sometimes tow a larger trailer (not really heavy) so like the stability and effortless towing the jeep gives, and often do longer journeys on the motorway so need to make it more economical and less polluting.

My skills are:
I am a gas safe (corgi) registered gas fitter and have tinkered around with cars since I was a kid. I have plenty of tools etc and a garage to do it in. Also am a coded welder so have welding / metalwork kit and skills. The actual fitting of the components and gas safety isn't a problem for me.
The weak points are I'm not a professional auto electrician etc and have not been involved with auto LPG stuff either fitting or setting it up before.

So the questions are;
Any recommendations as to which kits?
Any recommended suppliers to buy from?
Any elephant traps to watch out for - fitting, buying or specific to the Jeep?
Setting it up and certification?

All responses greatly appreciated. I've tried google etc but it's a bit of a minefield.
Thanks in advance

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