Is VW FSI engine convertable?

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Re: Is VW FSI engine convertable?

Post by capcarap » Fri Mar 19, 2010 12:47 pm

Good choice ,all turbo engines are suitable for LPG and have valves made of more durable materials.

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Re: Is VW FSI engine convertable?

Post by SebastianS » Mon Feb 28, 2011 2:55 am

FSI/TSI engines are convetable for now. A new Stag 400DPI is being introduced into market. As for today, first valitading systems are to be installed in our firm, due to a very close cooperation with producer in making of, creating alghoritms and testing.
Other systems use up to 50% of gasoline due to the fact, that idle and WOT is realised on pure gasoline, and only partial throttle and rpm states are realised on combined cycles, including 70-80% of LPG injections and rest of them on gasoline.
On Stag400 evey working cycle is powered on both fuels in nearby constant proportions 94-95% of LPG and 5-6% of gasoline. Stag400 uses original ECU signals given to Pb injectors as steering signals only, but on their base, it can manage with both - Pb and LPG injectors. That gives a continous work of Pb injectors and gives no possibility to be clogged or overheated, even on such small amount of fuel flowing through.
In fact, system is harder to fine tune, than ordinary Stag300Plus or Premium, but a new software is created to be easily understood for more clever Stag 300 users.

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