Can vapouriser be plumbed in serial

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Can vapouriser be plumbed in serial

Post by locky » Mon May 03, 2010 9:10 pm

Hi all,

I'm still going through some issues with my car stalling but I've found it runs perfect when it's warm out. Anything below 7 degrees and it stalls when switching over. I usually get a strong smell of gas at switch over too, which I don't get when it's warm out. This makes me think the vapouriser isn't heating up properly. It seems to hang around 25-30 degrees for ages then usually tops out at 60 degrees after driving for quite a while.
My question is if the vapouriser can be plumbed in serial rather than parallel to force some more coolant thru it?
If so why aren't they usually installed in serial instead of parallel with poor flow.

Mines currently tee'd into a pipe into the heater matrix at the bulkhead and a pipe which goes to an electric mixer valve in the engine bay. How do I tell if this is the correct pipe?

Sorry for all the Q's

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