which conversion kit for astra H 2004?

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which conversion kit for astra H 2004?

Post by astra_h » Sat Sep 11, 2010 10:35 pm

Hi I'm a newbie here, I am thinking of getting a LPG conversion on my Astra H 1.4 16v 2004 (54 reg) currently just under 45,000 miles. I have recently started a new job, which involves me driving appx 500 miles a week (appx 26,000 miles a year). Would you recommend me to get the conversion?

I have been told by many people to get the conversion as its saves alot of money. But have also been told by many that you get problems with the engine, valves/valve seats/ cylinder head and other problems due to the conversion, so am getting abit scared to get the conversion.

Would this affect my car if I get it converted? are the valves, valve seats and cylinder head etc soft and likely to get damaged by the LPG heat?

has anyone had this conversion done to this car/engine?
did you come across any problems?
would you recommend the conversion?
how many miles have you done since the conversion? and how long has it been converted?
how many miles do you get from £10 of gas?
how much does it cost to convert? and which kit would you recommend? many people have said BRC.

do you recommend the flashlube electronic/manual system?

I'm sorry about all the questions, but I am trying to find out the suitability of LPG to my car, as the last thing I want is to spend thousands on a conversion, a few months or years down the line major/expensive mechanical problems start occuring to the engine due to the conversion.

I am looking to get it fitted by the professionls. Ive been given a quote of 1010, this inlcudes a flash lube fitted to lubricate the top end and LPG kit fitted Romano/Lovato, (which ever I choose) which one is better?, Are these kits any good on reliability (long term) and performance etc? or any other recommendations would be most appreciated. This job is a permanent position. I dont really like diesels, when they go wrong can be lots of money fixing, i.e turbo etc.

Any advice would be most appreciated.
Many thanks

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Re: which conversion kit for astra H 2004?

Post by mak-uk » Sun Sep 12, 2010 1:02 pm


If you are driving more than 15,000 miles per year then the conversion would be worth it in the long-run as long as you keep the car. Problems can occur if the car is not converted properly.

A lot of Vauxhalls have soft valves and suffer from valve seat recession on LPG unless they came with the factory fit kit with hardened valve seats. You would need flashlube installed (either would do) but eventually you would probably need the head off but I cant say at what mileage this would be.

Prins and BRC are the best kits in my view, the others would work on your car too.. the key thing is to find someone who has done your car before and ask to see previous customers.

Best of luck.

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