car not revving till red line.

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car not revving till red line.

Post by passionpurple1 » Mon Nov 01, 2010 5:50 am

hi guys,
car- palio 1.2L petrol 6 yrs old. 80000kms done, also lpg kit added. it is a simple open circuit kit which was installed at 35000kms odo reading. since then has worked well.

problem-- i sent my car for routine service. when I received the car, she behaved very strangely-when put on lpg the car stalls instantly but the petrol performance is normal.

i dont know the technical stuff very well, but I know my car well- she used to reach 6500rpm red line easily on both petrol and lpg and reached 140kmph with ease. please help with this issue.
the company mechs didn`t understand the problem and they had given up.
so I went to a new garage. who seems to be famous here. this guy PUT SOME RUBBER STUFFING IN TO THE AIR INTAKE and this restricted air from entering the engine. funny treatment but it totally worked. the car is as good as new and revs uptill red line happily.
so now I know that my low revving problem was caused by the some air feul ratio thing.
car was fine till now running on lpg. since yesterday, the car does not reach 6500 rpm mark, the acceleration has decreased, and top speed is also decreased.. the rubber stuffing is still in place exactly as before.
Q1) how was this problem fixed?
Q2) now what should I tell my mech to do? i don't think that the rubber stuffing is the solution(he has installed 100's of lpg kits but has no knowledge how things work) there are no more mechs in this town who actually understand lpg stuff. please help me put my lpg powered car back on the road

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