Tartarini tec 97 gas smell

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Tartarini tec 97 gas smell

Post by steve » Sat Nov 27, 2010 6:03 pm

Hi our old scenic has been running well on petrol then switching over to gas at 2000 revs but of late its stopped doing that and we have to rev up to 3500 before it switches over..plus the switch on the dash has 4 green lights when tank full, but now when tank is full shows only two and as tank empties 4 lights appear.Also when we are at idle for abit we can smell fuel/gas inside the car, the car is firing on all four and the injectors have been replaced. this solved smellfor a while but now it has started up agian. I took it to a local gas car garage told him problem he said he would service it £90.00 and 15 minutes later we still had the same problems.. to which I was told it was a service not a overhall.. anybody got any ideas? or any decent gas garages in the cambridge area? many thanks Steve

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