DREAM XX1 System (vac pipes)

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LPG System:dream xx1
DREAM XX1 System (vac pipes)

Post by dhargeaves » Fri Mar 11, 2011 1:54 pm

Hi, all,
I have had problems with my DREAM XX1 system as it goes on and off at will. and after going through all the petrol associated parts. I know it’s the LPG. After servicing the injectors, I have had intermittent faults (as before servicing). Now my dreamxx1 LPG system on my Vauxhall Omega does not work at all.
The gas indicator (on & off button) does not light up at all. The vacuum pipes were perished and came off a while ago and it hasn’t worked since. No reply from dream helps line either.
Has anyone any diags to show where they go, as I think it needs to sense a vac before it will even turn on. The perishing pipes may well explain my occasional problems as well.
Please HHHEEELLLPPP. This is costing me and my nearest “Dream Man”(mechanic)is in Yorkshire.
1 itsy bitsy drawing may solve the whole caboodle................CHEERS...........DAZ

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