Vectra LPG Problem

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Vectra LPG Problem

Post by SilverSaracen » Tue Apr 26, 2011 8:24 pm

I have a Dual Fuel Vectra 2.0 that is factory fitted with the Koltec system. It developed a problem where it wouldn't start if the fuel switch was left in LPG mode. So we had to manually flick to LPG after starting. That gradually become more difficult to do. After flicking the switch the car would stall so we began changing to LPG while the car was moving along. After a while that didn't work. On flicking the switch the car would either stall or just run very erratically. It now just stalls every time.

We have now developed a workaround which is:
1/ While driving along (at at least 25mph) flick the switch. You can hear a relay click and then the car slows because no fuel is getting to the engine.
2/ After about 5 seconds you hear another relay click. We then flick the switch back into petrol mode and then quickly back into LPG mode. The car then gets fuel (LPG) and works fine. About 2 secs later another relay click is heard. The car will run perfectly fine on LPG now until the engine is switched off.

I would like to get to the root of this problem. I've thoroughly cleaned the distributor 3 times but that hasn't seemed to have any effect.

Will appreciate any advice on this.

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