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New to LPG

Post by alp » Fri Jun 10, 2011 9:50 am

I bought a Renault Espace last night at auction. It was sold as dual fuel and has an lpg tank in the space the spare wheel should be, it is round like the wheel would be.

I have never used lpg before and was hoping there would be some documentation on it in the car but there is none.

How do I find what make the conversion is ? Also, what is the general method of using the gas ? I know you normally start on petrol then swap over but I don't know how to how to do that !

I bought it to drive abroad during the summer, I always notice that lpg is much more popular on the continent. Will I need different adapters for different countries ? Where can I get these ? Is it a problem using adapters ?


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Re: New to LPG

Post by tubbs » Wed Jun 29, 2011 2:53 pm

Hiya, right firstly as long as it isn't an old carb then it's fine to leave it on the gas position on the switch. It will turn onto gas on its own accord either by temperature or with systems with no temp control on rpm. You can find out by just holding the revs up at about 2000 rpm and listen for the click of the valves on the tank and under the bonnet.
As far as adaptors go you will require one for the continent. You need a uk bayonet to euro adaptor have a look on eBay.
Or someone like tinley tech should be able to help you without any hassle.

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