R32 on LPG?

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R32 on LPG?

Post by smitty12 » Mon May 14, 2012 11:42 pm

Hi all,

I'm new to LPG, I've got a 3.2L Mk4 Golf R32 that i want converting to run on LPG.

I've looked at Romano, BRC and Prins. I've not been filled with confidence from BRC so have ruled it out and am now stuck between Romano or Prins. Prins say there injection system is the best but as hard as i've tried to get some technical info noone can explain how there system is the best?! The Romano system is a hell of a lot cheaper than Prins but I have been assured the Romano HD injection system can manage the R32's injection needs.

I have actually been filled with more confidence from Romano than Prins, I know of two R32 owners (Mk4 & Mk5) that have the system and say it works very well, both have had no problems and both recomend it. The only think putting me off Romano is the fact noone has it on an R32, I have spoken to various installers who have said they've done S8's, Rangerover sports, Jag XK's, BMW Alpina's & M-Sports and have all said the system works increadibly well

Can anyone offer me any advice? Thanks in advance!!

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