Problem with LPG Conversion

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Problem with LPG Conversion

Post by Mrgingerwig » Mon Jul 02, 2012 9:10 am

Hi Guys

Just found your site a few days ago and am seriously in need of some help and advice.

I had a Lovato system installed into my Vauxhall Zafira at the beginning of December, which I was told by the installer (shall not name yet) that he had NEVER had a problem in any of the cars fitted with this system. Everything was ok up until Christmas when whilst driving the gas pressure alarm sounded and I had to switch back to gas. This happened a few more times over the month and so I took it back to the installer in early Feb. He looked at it and said he could not find anything wrong but had reset the system.

All ok for a week or so and then it happened again. I took it back in and the installer said he had took a pipe off and found heavy ends in the pipe which he had cleaned out, this is the time I first heard the excuse that there had been a bad batch of gas in the Northwest, probably from Stanlow and that is what had caused it. I was not totally convinced by this reason as the story's coming from the installer and owner of the company didn't quite tally, one said a bad batch of gas and the other said some cheap gas had come on the market and Stanlow had let their tanks run low to get the most out of the higher priced gas causing the crap from the tanks to get sent out. Anyway he said it should sort it so I went away and again it was fine for a few more weeks but then the alarm sounded again. Let me just say there is no pattern to when it will go, it can go after 1 mile or 50.

Again I took it back in and the installer said this time he will move the pipe to stop the build up of heavy ends. This time I got about 50 yards down the road before it went and now it was worse than ever. I could barely get it to switch over for a second before the alarm sounded.

Back in it went and this time the installer said he was going to change the MAP sensor (I don't know what this is) and that is all it could be. After several weeks of waiting to be contacted to tell me the part was in. I went down as by this time as the can imagine I was pretty p****d off and confronted the owner who, to put it bluntly, got quite defensive and basically stated that all I had paid them for was the system and labour to fit it and it was not their fault but Stanlow's for the bad gas. I asked how many more of their customers had come back with the problem? He sort of fumbled around with the names of a few cars, that all seemed to belong to people who worked there but gave me no real answer. If it was down to bad gas i would expect a lot of people to be affected by it otherwise it points to a problem with my car. The installer on the other hand was still apologetic and told me he would get it sorted. I eventually got it in and the MAP sensor was changed We are now at 19/6/12. It lasted a week and now it has gone again.

In short the symptoms are thus:

1) Gas pressure alarm sounds and car has to be switched over to petrol. (this can/cannot be rectified by switching engine off) There is no pattern to when it will happen.

2) On gas the car feels sluggish and judders sometimes, like it is short of power or like the fuel is running out (does not happen on petrol).

3) The car sometimes bottoms out when the clutch is engaged at lights etc (does not happen on petrol).

4) Sometimes it will say it is on gas but the petrol gauge will drop anyway. This happens when the petrol is below a quarter tank. (This is either connected to the gas installation or not but I thought I would mention it anyway. Perhaps it is a problem with the petrol gauge and not the gas I don't know but the installer said that it is not possible for the petrol to go down when it is on gas)

I am desperate for some advice or information on the following topics-

1) Anyone, installer or customer who has had trouble with gas or knows of trouble with gas in the Northwest (as I understand it there is heavy ends in all fuel but it is down to where components are installed to stop the build up).

2) Anyone, installer or customer who has had trouble (or not) with the Lovato system.

3) Any advice on what I should do next

4) Recommended installers in the Northwest that I can go to, to get my car inspected to see if they can see any problem with the installation or can find the fault.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Thanks everyone :)

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