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LPG System:Prinz

Post by russeleoin » Tue Sep 18, 2012 9:36 pm

Hello All. I wish I was in the tax bracket where I could pay someone to fit a new LPG system but no such luck. Now to the real story, I have a Ford Maverick 3l V6 doing 16-18 mpg around town and costing me a fortune. But I love it, she who must be obeyed loves it, get in turn the key and off we go and it pulls the caravan very well. I came across a Prins VSI system fitted to a Merc 320 V6( merc at the breaker after a bend). I bought the whole system, lock stock and 90l tank as well and I am now keen to fit it to the Ford. Are there any pre installation checks that I can do on the Prins system? Is there somewhere I can get a wiring diagram as well? I think I am a reasonable DIY mechanic. Timing belt on the renault espace, no problem, drive shafts no problem so I am hoping I can do this, but if you think I am crazy, please let me know. Electronics is not a problem if I have a wiring diagram.

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