Lpg nozzle problem

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Lpg nozzle problem

Post by pipfootball » Sat Oct 06, 2012 2:05 pm

Hi all, just registered and hope someone might help. I was wondering if anyone had encountered any problems when using Gasguard nozzle (i think thats right one with trigger). Earlier this year I called at a services to put gas in truck as I was out and low on petrol. After putting gas in and then turning nozzle to disconnect an amount of gas escaped and my hand got burnt. To me it seems that the guard that is fiited to this type of nozzle is not sufficient as the user has to hold the actual nozzle. I have been using Lpg pumps for almost 5years so am no novice though I have only come acroos this type of nozzle being used at mainly large Lpg suppliers where they fill for you. So if anyone has any thoughts or experiences of this I would be grateful for your input. Cheers in advance. Phil :?

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