Which system for Prius?

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Which system for Prius?

Post by semo.pz » Mon Oct 22, 2012 10:08 pm


I'm looking to convert a 1.5 Gen Prius to run LPG. So far the only advise I've been able to find about LPG is "be careful" and "needs to be done properly" so now I'm looking for something more specific.

I understand that the Prius can be tricky because of the 0 RPM signal. I imagine this shouldn't be a huge deal these days as most makes now have stop/start. My research has lead me to believe that PRINS is probably the best system to go for. I was told that the Silverline should be good enough (not Keihin injectors compared to VSI) and that I should consider opting for Valvecare (not sure what that is entirely). The estimated cost is around £1500 with the valvecare.

Should I go for that (through a Prins and UKLPG approved installer)? Does it matter if the installer has not done Prius conversions before?

I don't want to go too far outside Surrey to find an installer unless there's a very good reason for it.

Finally, I'm not looking for discouragement and I know that the Prius is not a V8 :)

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