Which plugs/leads for LPG LDV Convoy?

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Which plugs/leads for LPG LDV Convoy?

Post by mrlukeluke » Wed Oct 24, 2012 3:56 pm

I am having a few problems with my 2001 LDV convoy and its factory fitted ford dohc engine and LPG conversion.
Lately it has developed a fault where it misfires and loses power. Originally this was just happening when on LPG and could be avoided by really warming up the engine on petrol first. Now it seems to also happen on petrol.
From a little research the first thing to eliminate is a problem in the ingition circuit. So i would like to replace the HT leads and the plugs. My local factors threw up a blank after pawing through their book looking at pictures. Which leads and plugs should i get? would you have a code that could help me find them?

Any help much appreciated.

Also any other information on this engine and conversion would be helpful. Cheers

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