Who's cheap or expensive in your area?
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Wigan only has 1 LPG Station that I am aware of in the town itself, which is Boss Gas in Rose Bridge, Ince. BP Orchard Crow (Mossy Lea Road, J26 of the M6) and Shell at Haydock Island (East Lancs / M6 J23) are within 5 miles of the Town Centre. Shell is always cheaper than the BP Garage and has a better supply of LPG.

Shell at Haydock Island also runs LPG 1p cheaper than Tesco Express on Winwick Road (A49), Warrington but Petrol is 1p more expensive than Tesco, so caution when dual-filling.

Total's Mercury Station matches the price of Shell Haydock, but sits over 9 miles away from the Town Centre, but is sited next to the M62, making it a valid station to use if the journey takes you via that motorway, or towards Bolton.

St Helen's Morrisons is flagged up on Petrolprices.com as the cheapest within the 20mile radius of Wigan, but the 3p saving may not warrant the additional mileage driven, as this station sits 9 miles from the town centre (4 more than the Shell).

A number of Motyorway Service Stations also stock LPG in the area within a 20 mile radius, the most expensive being the Total at Lymm Services, running in at 5p more expensive than the Shell Haydock which is only 10 miles further North. Shell's Charnock Richard Services is 1.5 miles further North of BP Orchard Crow and matches the price, but is 4p more expensive than Shell at Haydock Island which would have been passed a mere 6 miles earlier.

No Supermarket stock LPG in the Wigan Area, and Tesco prices do not seem to be appearing on PetrolPrices.com lately so there is no way of knowing if the Hindley Tesco stocks LPG, but this seems unlikely as the Wigan Tesco doesn't, and LPG seems to be limited to the Larger Tesco Express Petrol Stations, and newer Tesco Extra Supermarkets.

In conclusion, Shell at Haydock Island is the best for refueling LPG if based in Wigan Town or in the Reagion on the M6 (North or South bound). Manchester based journesy utilising the M62 benefit from Total's Mercury Station.

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