Prins VSI into Ford 3l V6

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Prins VSI into Ford 3l V6

Post by russeleoin » Wed Sep 19, 2012 3:03 pm

Hello All. I have a Ford Maverick 3l V6 and managed to get hold of a Prins VSI system from a Merc e320 V6. Now I would love to have it done professionally but unfortunately I am not in that tax bracket, hence old Ford and second user gas system. Is it viable for me to do it myself, my mechanical skills are okay as are my electronics so apart from the fact that I have never touched a gas pipe, I think I should be fine. As far as I can see the Ford Duratec engine is simple and removing the inlet manifold looks quite easy. There is also a reasonable amount of space under the bonnet and the 90l tank fits into the spare wheel well nicely. Is it possible to get a wiring diagram for these systems and do you have any pointers on where I should put the vaporiser, close to the radiator, or close to the heater matrix? Are there any checks that I can do on the components before I do any installation work? Thanks

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