Welcome to LPGinfo !

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What is this site?

This is a website set-up by a regular consumer to detail his on-going experiences of LPG (Autogas) converting his vehicle in the United Kingdom.

Purpose of this site?

The objective and purpose of this website is to help the average car owner make an informed decision about LPG converting their vehicle - a decision that is not to be taken lightly given the cost involved and the potential of entering what is largely a unregulated sub-industry of the motor-trade in the UK. However, when done properly, a good LPG conversion can potentially save you thousands of pounds.

On this website you will find a stage by stage account of experiences with substantiating evidence at every stage. What you will not find are personal attacks or 'dirty tricks' to undermine any individual or organisation mentioned on this website. The primary aim of this website is to focus on cars and LPG and to this end, LPGinfo has set up the Discussion Forum which now makes up the bulk of the site.


Stage 1 - First (disastrous) conversion

Stage 2 - Putting things right

Stage 3 - Legal Threats and Court

Stage 4 - Another victim of Go LPG comes out